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We are your specialist lawyers for tenancy law, residential property law, real estate law and labour law.

We represent tenants, landlords and real property managers in Berlin and Brandenburg as lawyers and specialist lawyers for tenancy law and residential property law. In addition, we advise employees on labour law.

Thanks to our specialisation as lawyers in the areas of tenancy law, residential property (WEG) law and labour law, we are able to achieve optimum results for our clients. A common feature in tenancy law, residential property law and labour law is that the contractual relationship is frequently continued even after the legal dispute is over. That is why we strive to find solutions in dialogue with the other party.

As lawyers, we also represent you when legal proceedings at a court in Berlin or in the region are unavoidable. You may regard us as a highly reliable partner in every respect who is capable of asserting your claims.

As your attorneys and experts in rental and property law, we advise and represent you with competence and heart. Our efforts are focused not only on achieving successful outcomes, but also on resolving issues as comfortably and swiftly as possible.


Residential and Commercial

Landlord-Tenant issues have gained increasing urgency in Berlin in recent years and constitute a focal point of our endeavors. Rental matters we specialize in include contract termination, property defects, utility billing and cosmetic repairs.

Residential Tenancy Law
Commercial Leasing Law

Real Estate

Buying and Selling

In an increasingly tight real estate market, property acquisition offers numerous advantages. We advise buyers and sellers of both residential and commercial properties, represent individual property owners as well as members of homeowners associations, and can help with disputes that may arise with a broker.

Property Law

Labor Law

For Employees

We are happy to advise you on questions and disputes concerning employment. We focus on issues relating to the conclusion of an employment contract, termination, warnings, changes to fixed-term contracts, severance pay, leave and vacation benefits, and the drafting of references.

Labor Law

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