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Rechtsanwalt Nima Armin Daryai, Fachanwalt für Mietrecht und Wohnungseigentumsrecht

Nima Armin Daryai

Lawyer and specialist lawyer in rental and property law

Mr. Daryai started working as a lawyer in Berlin in 2005, and began to specialize in rental law early on in his career. In 2010, after years of theoretical training and practice, he received his specialty certification in the area of rental and residential property law.

His work as a specialist in rental law covers the entire spectrum of commercial and residential property. In commercial leasing cases, his extensive experience includes drafting contracts, dealing with rent increases or reductions, and contract terminations. In residential property, he advises and represents his clients on issues relating to defects, terminations of leases for reasons of personal use, disputes over late payments, and rent increases.

Mr. Daryai also specializes in the area of labor law. In 2017, he successfully completed the theoretical portion of the exam for certification as a labor law specialist.

He is a member of the German Bar Association and is part of its working groups on rental law, real estate law, and labor law.

Mr. Daryai strives to achieve swift and efficient results for his clients. Before a court case becomes necessary, he attempts to resolve disputes through a cooperative approach that, in the end, provides his clients the most benefit. Should litigation become necessary, however, he is resolute in pursuing his clients’ best interests in court.

since 2020
English-language instructor at the EBC Hochschule in Berlin, lecturing on
German civil law to international students.
Co-founded the firm `Daryai & Kuo` after formalizing partnership with attorney Simon Guang-Ming Kuo.
Successful completion of the theoretical exam for certification as a labor law specialist.
since 2010
Certified as a specialist lawyer for rental and property law
Passed second state law exam and licensed as an attorney by the Bar Association of Berlin
Worked abroad in Nijmegen, Netherlands
from 2003
Traineeship in Schleswig-Holstein
Passed first state exam Law studies at the Humboldt University Berlin from 1999
Student assistant at the Technical University of Berlin
Born in Berlin

Nima Armin Daryai

Pariser Straße 47
10719 Berlin

+49 30 460 64 794

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