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If you want to buy real estate or sell or transfer a property, you will often find yourself with a seemingly unmanageable pile of documents. Here you will find, among other things, useful information to help you better understand the partition declaration, the business plan and the minutes of the last condominium owners’ meetings. The latter in particular often contains valuable information about the “climate” in the condominium owners’ association and about any upcoming measures (which could be costly, for example, string renovation). If it looks like you might be about to lose your home, we will take countermeasures and do everything possible to help you keep your property.

How do we achieve your goals as specialists for real property law?

We help you to pick out the relevant information from all the documents and to sort them out and make sense of them. We also check the purchase agreement and advise you on whether it is balanced and fair, on changes that may be necessary or even risks that may exist. If desired, we will accompany you through the entire purchase or sale process and ensure that the transaction is completed as smoothly and quickly as possible. If enforcement measures or even an auction sale are imminent, we will examine the legal situation and then try to reach an amicable and cost-saving settlement with the other party.

Your specialists for real property law

As specialists in real estate law, the lawyers Mr Kuo and Ms Winker-Wälde are there to help you with any and all questions you have about your property. Mr Kuo is a legal specialist for tenancy and residential property law and has passed his exams as a notary public. He gained a great deal of experience in the area of real estate property transfers when he worked representing a notary public and during the numerous consultations he has given in recent years. The lawyer Ms Winker-Wälde has also been a legal consultant to the Haus & Grund VS e.V. association in Villingen-Schwenningen since 2017.

Our fields of activity in real property law

We advise and represent you in particular but not exclusively on the following topics:

  • Transfer (purchase or sale) of apartments, houses and other real properties
  • Foreclosures and compulsory partitions by public auction
  • Transfer of apartments, houses and other real properties by way of anticipated inheritance – Provision of tax-free allowances (inheritance tax) in close cooperation with an experienced tax advisor
  • Non-performing real estate loans
  • Heritable building rights and leaseholds
  • Real estate foreclosures

Current judgements and articles

Here you will find more judgments and articles on real property law:

The importance of having a specialized attorney review a real estate purchase contract ahead of time

Your advisors in the area of real estate law
Simon Guang-Ming Kuo

Lawyer and specialist lawyer for tenancy and residential property law

Helena Winker-Wälde

Lawyer, specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law and specialist lawyer for tenancy and residential property law

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