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As lawyers and specialist lawyers for tenancy and residential property law, one of the main focuses of our work is brokerage law (Art. 652ff. German Civil Code – BGB). This refers to legal disputes where brokers’ claims are disputed, especially in the purchase and sale of real properties and flats or in the letting of flats and business premises.

How do we achieve your goals as lawyers for brokerage law?

Precise knowledge of the jurisdiction by the various courts at all instances right up to the Federal Supreme Court is of particular importance in the field of brokerage law. As several of our lawyers are specialised in the area of brokerage law, we achieve optimal results for you, as the best solution for your case can often be found in the exchange between the lawyers involved.

Since we represent both brokers and broker clients, we are familiar with both perspectives. We stand fully behind the party we represent, while leaving ideological aspects out of it. This has enabled us in the past to often resolve legal disputes before they even get to court.  On the one hand this saves time & money, on the other hand it avoids the potential complications that long legal disputes often entail. Ultimately, it means achieving similar results out of court with a lot less stress for everyone involved. If it is necessary, however, we will wholeheartedly and resolutely assert your claims in court. In pursuing your rights in this way, we attach particular importance to fast processing and good availability for our clients. Thanks to our specialisation and our many years of experience as litigation lawyers, we achieve the best possible result for you.

Brokerage law

Your lawyers for brokerage law

The lawyers Mr Daryai, Ms Schmietendorf and Ms Winker-Wälde are there to advise and represent you in the area of brokerage law. Due to his practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of residential tenancy law, Mr Daryai was awarded the title of specialist lawyer for tenancy and residential property law by the Berlin Bar Association. Ms Schmietendorf completed the theoretical part of the title as specialist lawyer for tenancy and residential property law in 2020.  Ms Winker-Wälde was a legal advisor of the Haus & Grund VS e.V association in Villingen-Schwenningen until 2020.

Our fields of activity as lawyers for brokerage law

We advise and represent you in particular but not exclusively on the following topics:

  • Demanding payment of the broker’s commission – enforcing and defending the broker’s commission
  • Contract review – reviewing brokerage contracts for effectiveness
  • Claims for damages – enforcement of and defence against claims for damages due to incorrect advice by brokers
  • and much more

Current judgements and articles

Your advisors in the area of brokerage law
Nima Armin Daryai

Lawyer and specialist lawyer for tenancy and residential property law

Galina Jelena Schmietendorf


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Helena Winker-Wälde

Lawyer and specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law

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