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Residential tenancy law is one of the main focuses of our law firm’s activities. We represent the interests of landlords and tenants alike. Due to our specialisation in this field we achieve optimal results for you.

How do we achieve your goals as residential tenancy lawyers?

The recipe for success at Daryai & Kuo lies with avoiding lengthy processes from the outset, if possible, and in working towards a constructive and quick solution. This mediatory approach can often avoid clients having to undergo the strain of a court case. Such an approach is often advisable in the area of residential tenancy law, since tenancy agreements are generally long-term. Which means that the contracting parties often have to get along with each other for a long time. A poisonous climate often leads to unnecessary legal disputes.

At the same time, however, when handling your case we also make sure that your rights are protected in the best possible way. However, should it become necessary at a later date to enforce your claims and rights in court, we will create the conditions to achieve an optimal result for you.

residential tenancy law

Your specialists for residential tenancy law

As specialists for tenancy law, the lawyers Mr Kuo, Ms Schmietendorf, Ms Winker-Wälde and Mr Braeuer are there to answer all your questions about residential tenancy law. Thanks to his comprehensive practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of residential tenancy law, Mr Kuo bears the title of “Fachanwalt” (legal specialist) for tenancy and residential property law, awarded by the Berlin Bar Association in 2010. Ms Schmietendorf and Mr Braeuer passed their advanced examination and thus completed the theoretical part to obtain the title “Fachanwalt” (legal specialist) for tenancy and residential property law. Ms Winker-Wälde was a legal consultant to the Haus & Grund VS e.V. association in Villingen-Schwenningen until 2020.

Our fields of activity in residential tenancy law

We advise and represent you in particular but not exclusively on the following topics:

  • Termination of rent contracts when this is caused by a need for personal use on the part of the owner, because the tenant is in rent arrears, or due to a breach of obligations
  • Defects to the rented property – e.g. mould, water damage, asbestos – and rights of the tenant due to defects such as rent reductions, termination of the rent contract
  • Cosmetic repairs – effectiveness of the cosmetic repairs clause, method of implementation
  • Damage to the rented property – claims by the landlord at the end of the rental period, enforcement of repair measures in the current tenancy
  • Deposit – repayment of the deposit upon termination of the rent contract, offsetting the deposit against claims by the landlord, effectiveness of a guarantee
  • Rent increases – examination of any rent increase – compatibility with the Berlin rent index, the Berlin rent control measures and the Berlin rent cap – and explanation of any rent increase
  • Drafting of contracts – drafting the rent contract, reviewing already concluded rent contracts
  • and a great deal more
Your advisors in the area of residential tenancy law
Simon Guang-Ming Kuo

Lawyer and specialist lawyer for tenancy and residential property law

Galina Jelena Schmietendorf

Lawyer and specialist lawyer for tenancy and residential property law

Helena Winker-Wälde

Lawyer, specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law and specialist lawyer for tenancy and residential property law

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