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We are also happy to act for you in the area of banking law. Our lawyer for banking law can advise you on all aspects pertaining to your banking matters and represent you if you have to go up against your bank.

How does our lawyer for banking law achieve your goals?

Banking law essentially covers the law governing the business relationship between banks and their customers.

This business relationship is usually very sensitive, as it is not uncommon for such vital aspects as the continuation of your business activities, your private property or even your financial existence to be at stake if problems arise in the bank-customer relationship. It is therefore important to find constructive solutions and to ensure that negotiations are conducted on an equal footing through the mediation of a lawyer.

We therefore support bank clients and companies in questions of banking law and act as their legal representation to assert their rights vis-à-vis their bank. Since legal disputes are usually lengthy and are not geared to achieving fast solutions to often acute problems, we strive, in objective cooperation with the banks, to find a solution that is acceptable to both parties. If, however, it is not possible to hold targeted and constructive talks with your bank, we will inform you in detail about the prospects of success if you decide to assert your claims in court.

Your lawyer for banking law

Ms Winker-Wälde is there for you as a specialist lawyer in banking law. She worked for several years in a specialised Berlin law firm and in the course of her activities also conducted negotiations with financing banks in various cases. Due to her practical and theoretical knowledge, the lawyer Ms Winker-Wälde was awarded the title of specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law by the Freiburg Bar Association in 2019. She attends annual training events and follows the latest developments in this area of law.

The fields of activities of our lawyer for banking law

We advise and represent you in particular but not exclusively on the following topics:

  • Credit risk – support in the event of difficulties within the credit relationship.
  • Debt rescheduling – support in negotiations regarding necessary debt rescheduling, obtaining cancellation approval regarding land charges in the event of the sale of a property, negotiation of the residual loan value
  • Termination – review of the legality of a termination of a loan agreement
  • Guarantee – examination of the effectiveness of a guarantee, in particular in a family relationship (spouse’s guarantee), communication with the bank in the case of a bank guarantee as rental collateral
  • General terms and conditions of banks and savings banks- examination of compliance with general terms and conditions of banks and savings banks
  • Phishing – representation in cases of fraud through phishing and corresponding debits of the account by unknown third parties
  • and much more

Current judgements and articles

Your advisor in banking law:
Screenshot 2021-02-03 at 12.55.27
Helena Winker-Wälde

Lawyer and specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law

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