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Capital market law covers the legal relationships and the assertion of claims in connection with various financial instruments and capital investments. Our lawyer for capital market law will advise and represent you in aspects of this area of law.

How does our lawyer for capital market law achieve your goals?

In the context of capital market law, the focus is on representing investors who have often lost large amounts of money due to initially convincing, but nevertheless often highly incorrect advice. In the case of many investors, the trust placed in them was exploited by the advisors and ultimately severely disappointed when the investment failed.

In order to achieve your goals, which is mostly asserting claims for damages, we attach great importance to a detailed examination of all contractual documents as well as the most accurate possible recording of the facts of the case, in particular of the advisory discussions. Once we have been able to gain a picture of the investment made and the course of events on the basis of the information provided, it is of great importance to us to make an honest and realistic assessment of the prospects of success if a client decides to assert claims.

Experience has shown that in this field of law legal action is often required to enforce claims, which can also be directed against more than one opposing party. For this purpose, knowledge of the respective legal framework is important and meticulous preparation of the facts of the case is vital.

In court proceedings, we represent our clients nationwide and with great commitment. We provide well-founded arguments that stay close to the facts of the case and always in compliance with the evolving case law of the highest courts.

Your lawyer for capital market law

Our specialist in the area of capital market law is the lawyer Ms Winker-Wälde. Since the beginning of her professional career, she has been entrusted with cases from the field of capital market law and has been able to gain solid experience in a large number of court proceedings. Her core activity is representing investors who have lost a lot of money, often their only savings, in the so-called ‘grey capital market’ due to incorrect advice and dubious forms of investment. As a specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law, she has proven practical and theoretical knowledge and pursues this field of law with commitment and an ongoing interest in the latest developments on the capital market.

The fields of activities of our lawyer for capital market law

We advise and represent you in particular but not exclusively on the following topics:

  • Miscounselling – assertion of claims for damages against financial brokers and financial advisors, examination of the conclusion and scope of the investment advice contract, miscounselling by the bank advisor, rescission of contracts
  • Investment fraud – enforcement of claims for damages against corporations, their managing directors and board members, trustees, etc., cooperation with the public prosecutor’s office, filing of criminal charges
  • Deposit business subject to authorisation – checking compliance with the German Banking Act, communication with the highest federal authority and financial supervisor of all companies in the financial sector the BaFin, enforcement of claims for damages against liable persons
  • Termination of capital investments – making the necessary declarations to terminate a capital investment, reclaiming invested funds
  • Plausibility – examining the plausibility of a capital investment made, especially in the grey capital market, explaining the legal and factual risks
  • Insolvency of the capital company – filing claims in the insolvency table, cooperation with the insolvency administrator
  •  and much more

Current judgements and articles

Your advisor in capital market law:
Helena Winker-Wälde

Lawyer, specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law and specialist lawyer for tenancy and residential property law

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