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Residential property owners need competent assistance when involved in disputes, and this requires the necessary expertise. Mr Daryai, lawyer, specialises in residential property law and provides you with clarity and the certainty that you are doing everything right.

Whether conflicts with the owners’ association, contestation of a resolution, desired or undesired structural changes to properties, disputes with the real property management or other matters concerning residential property law, Mr Daryai, lawyer in Berlin, will provide you with reliable and practical advice backed by applied expertise. Mr Daryai is also there to guide you through the purchase process if you have any questions pertaining to residential property law, and he will represent you in possible lawsuits and be a trusted partner at your side for all other problems and questions that require an expert opinion about residential property law.

Thanks to his comprehensive practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of residential tenancy law, Mr. Daryai bears the title of “Fachanwalt” (legal specialist) for tenancy and residential property law, awarded by the Berlin Bar Association in 2010. Ms. Winker-Wälde was a legal consultant to the Haus & Grund VS e.V. association in Villingen-Schwenningen until 2020.

Current judgements and articles

Your advisors in the area of residential property law:
Nima Armin Daryai

Lawyer and specialist lawyer for tenancy and residential property law

Helena Winker-Wälde

Lawyer, specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law and specialist lawyer for tenancy and residential property law

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